The Country Of Amblin

The country of Amblin is what King Vonndhar named the continent after taking control of it after more than 100 years of wars with surrounding neighbors. After possesing Amblin for over 100 years Vonndhar kept the land safe and peaceful, with taxes being levied on rich noble houses, merchants and adventurers, and the poor being exempt. The county was broken up into 7 provencienes each being run by a King appointed lord, all provencenes had fedarel troops plus each lord had their own milita. From 1362 until 1380 all of Amblin was under King Vonndhars control except for two areas, Hidden Valley, which Vonndhar gave to his best friend and son in law Sir F*ks Alot, and Sunes Blessing which Vonndhars youngest son Shunndhar built secretly and declared their sovereignty in 1383. Mammoth Port was the capitol city of Amblin until 1385 when the spellplague hit and all things changed. If and when the Golden Kingdoms is restored, King Vonndhar plans to leave Hidden Valley and Sunes Blessing as their own sovereign nations and to split the rest of Amblin up into 5 province’s. The Capitol Provence, The Emerald Provence, The Ruby Provence, The Sapphire Provence and The Diamond Provence.

*Total Population Of Amblin
  • 30,000,000 In 1480
  • 90,000,000 In 1382

Vonndhar Family Coat Of Arms And Seal Of Amblin Vonndhar Family Coat Of Arms

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The Country Of Amblin

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