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Welcome To The Golden Kingdoms

The Golden Kingdoms started as a house campaign 30 years ago. about 15 years ago it was merged with the forgotten realms campaign setting. more information on the Golden Kingdoms and its involvement in Fareun can be found in the table of contents below. Welcome and enjoy your journey through the Golden Kingdoms….

Table Of Contents…. Please Dont Click Red Links

Main Page

Map Of Toril Pre Spellplague 1385

Months and Festivals – Forgotten Realms & Golden Kingdoms

The Roll Of Years

The History Of The Golden Kingdoms

Map Of The Golden Kingdoms 1385

Map Of The Golden Kingdoms 1479

The Country Of Amblin

The Country Of Sune’s Blessing

Known Organizations In The Golden Kingdoms

The Brotherhood Of The Broken Skull

The Reckn Crue

Harpers Of Gommorah

Major Religions of The Golden Kingdoms

The History Of Fareun

Birth Records

Death Records


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