The History Of Fareun

Following is the history of Fareun.

Days of Thunder Timeline : -35000 DR to -30000 DR

The Age of Thunder was pure chaos with small pieces of law compacted together.It was constantly dark and quiet except for the thunder and lightning there was nothing to be seen or heard. The small pieces of law came together, as is the nature of law. Law had life of its own, it possessed primordial races and habitats to sustain their life. The law came together like asteroids drawn to each other by gravity eventually making substantial earth to block the chaos and the primordial races came to each other on this new land of Torin. Some came to each other and tried to control the others yet some wanted to band together and protect themselves and the weak against the ones who want sole power. Yet others sought to stay away from trying to protect the weak or from gaining sole power by exploiting the weak. thus law and order came to know their place and the mortals learned much from them creating differences in morality of early races had the need to take power and the need to protect the weak started the terms “good”and “evil” in the world. The truly neutral people believed there should be a balance of the law and chaos else the world be so uniform there would no change for better or worse, while in pure chaos life cannot exist. And also they knew that no matter which side they aided, there would always be people who desire power over others, and there would always be people to liberate and protect people who just was to live good lives.

Dawn Age Timeline : -30000 DR to -24000 DR

The Dawn Age, or the Age of Dawn’ was a time on Toril when dragons took an interest in the lesser races squabblings and taught them to build cities and armies, making them civilized. The metallic dragons admired a certain amount of selflessness in the lesser races such as the elves, and dwarves and the young races of humans, gnomes, and halflings. So they took pity on the weaker races and helped lead and protect them. Alternately, The chromatic dragons saw those more malleable less intelligent races that seeked only there own advancement and they forced them into building loose knit society and trained them into armies and they made fortified castles for there new masters to live in and bask on there hordes taken from the weak. Thus is how civilization was obtained.

First Flowering Timeline : -24000 DR to -12000 DR

The great elven civilizations of Aryvandaar, Illefarn, Miyeritar, Shantel Othreier, and Keltormir reached their peak during this age. As a result of the elves’ success against orc hordes, dragons, and giants, other races (including humans) thrived in safety and began the slow climb to civilization. This age also witnessed the unbridled fury of the Sundering, a disastrous invocation of high magic that cracked Merrouroboros asunder, creating the disparate continents of Faerûn, Maztica, and Katashaka. Among the turbulent waters of the newly formed ocean later known as the Trackless Sea rose the Green Isle of Evermeet, thought to be a piece of Arvandor and a bridge between worlds.

Crown Wars Timeline : -12000 DR to -9000 DR

The Crown Wars were a series of elven wars fought early in the history of Faerûn. Over a period of 3,000 years, the great elven kingdoms participated in five primary conflicts, leading to the near destruction of the elven race

First Crown War

When, in approximately -14,700 DR the Vyshaan, ruling clan of the sun elf kingdom of Aryvandaar, discovered an alleged link between their family and the Olrythii, ruling family of dark and wood elves of Miyeritar, Coronal Ivosaar Vyshaan chose to make a claim toward the rulership of the latter kingdom. When peaceful overtures were rebuffed, the Aryvandaarans began raiding the borders of Miyeritar until war broke out in earnest in -12,000 DR. By -11,800 DR, Aryvandaar fully occupied Miyeritar, but the country did not come fully under Aryvandaaran control for another 500 years. The remaining elven kingdoms were both shocked and spurred by the aggressive war, and the Second Crown War broke out while the first was still being waged.

Second Crown War

Ostensibly in support of their Miyeritar allies, the dark elf country of Ilythiiri attacked the moon elf kingdom of Orishaar, then escalated the conflict to encompass Thearnytaar, Eillur, and Syorpiir, utterly destroying them. The brutality of these attacks led to the creation of the epithet dhaerow, meaning “traitor,” to describe the dark elves of Ilythiiri. The Ilythiiri conflicts, which began in approximately -11,700 DR, spanned over 1,200 years, and during the course of the savage war, the demon goddess Lolth took the opportunity to seduce the ruling families and powers in the kingdom further towards evil, assisted by a fiendish balor named Wendonai.

Third Crown War

In about -10,900 DR, Aryvandaar (now known as the Vyshaantar Empire) was aided by a fallen solar named Malkizid in invading the sun and moon elf kingdom of Shantel Othereier. The war waged for nearly 300 years until Shantel Othreir surrendered after the death of their coronal.

Fourth Crown War

In -10,500 DR, owing to destructive magics of Vyshaantar, the Dark Disaster occurred, and a magical storm turned Miyeritar into the wasteland now known as the High Moor. Enraged at the destruction of their dark-elf brothers’ land, Ilythiiri savagely attacked the Vyshaantar Empire. The Ilythiiri began to openly worship evil gods and commit such acts of atrocities that all the remaining elven kingdoms decided to expel the Ilythiiri dark elves from Corellon Larethian’s grace. The most powerful mages and clerics succeeded in completing the ritual in about -10,000 DR, though it had the adverse effect of corrupting all dark elves, not just the intended Ilythiirians. The dark elves were driven underground, and the epithet dhaerow would eventually change into drow.

Fifth Crown War

The fragile peace was shattered in -9,200 DR when the Corellon Larethian-mandated Elven Court decreed that the sun elf clan of Vyshaan was responsible for the thousands of years of war. The Vyshaantar Empire disputed the charges and madly declared war on everyone. Within 200 years, the ancient kingdom of Aryvandaar was no more

The Founding Time Timeline : -9000 DR to -3000 DR

The Founding Time or Age of the Proud Peoples was the period just after the end of the Crown Wars, when the Elves and the Dwarves dominated Faerûn. During this time the humanoid races begin their expansionist efforts. Elves, dwarves and the first human tribes founded several realms such as Evereska, High Shanatar and Imaskar. A lot of major conflicts occur during this time as well including The Spider Wars and the Era of Skyfire. It is generally percieved to have lasted about six thousand years from -9000 DR to -3000 DR.

Age of Humanity Timeline : -3000 DR to 1358 DR

With the elven and dwarven empires in decline, this era marked a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The mighty human empires of Netheril, Imaskar, Mulhorand, Unther, Narfell, and Raumathar arose during this period. Great human nations developed in lands beyond Faerûn as well,ranging from the far eastern realms of Wa and Shou Lung in Kara-Tur, through Zakhara, to the distant shores of Maztica.

Era of Upheaval Timeline : 1358 DR to present

Scholars today mark the calamitous events of the Avatar Crisis in the Year of Shadows (1358 DR) as the start of the Era of Upheaval. Few in those early days could have possibly predicted that the physical and magical chaos of the Time of Troubles was merely a prelude to the Spellplague and the cataclysmic merging of two worlds that would follow. Though the union with Abeir was brief, its mark on Toril was significant and enduring. Even the gods themselves know fear for the first time in eons, for their numbers are diminished and the long-banished primordials have returned to oppose them and sow chaos throughout the cosmos

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The History Of Fareun

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