Shunndhar & The Boys

Heres the log for Shunndhar and the boys, well shunndhar,shock quosto,feather head,lil john,and sharmen the shaman set out for some experience and got a little bit, but then everyone wanted to play the big boys cuz everyone knows shunndhar and the boys are just a wannabe reckin crew. 8-)

Generic Log

Ok here we go people, Im making this log as a generic log. So in otherwords, im gonna ad stuff here thats not specific and stuff that is. So ya might see the same post here as in the Crue log etc. Now what i need from all of you guys is some help with this log, edit and add what you see fit. Lets work together and make this not only a kick ass campaign, But a killer story that people will want to continue to read for years to come. Thanks for all that contribute to this log…Ty

1479 = Hoghead Albert gets caught by the emeperor of Shou’s son for spying for the Harpers of Gomorah, He is currently hanging over a bamboo plant in a unfortunate postition (use your imagination).

Bustas running around Sodom signing people up for a Smackdown event on 12/31/1479. He claims its for the vacant title and the prize will be gold and Busta buds.

In the fall of the 1479, the asians start to build a wall sectioning off part of Sodom and claiming it as asian only.

The Crue

The following takes place on 5/10/1479 on the continent of Faruen in the town of glacierside near icewind dale. as the crue rode into town they got a heroes welcome as the town knew the crue was there to take care of their giant problem. The crue group consisted of Thelious , Geiko, Rane, First Level Flunky, Harmony Peeler and Orcious Thunderblade. the crue found 2 frost giants living about a half a days ride from the town and after a long and bloody fight killed the giants and looted their booty. The Crue then went back to town and got a job from Thommar Gemhoarder who said that his cousin in Mirabar was seeking someone to find out what happened to 3 of his miners that vanished from his copper mine. the crue rode to Mirabar to investigate and found out that them miners had punched their way into a level of the underdark and then were captured by bugbear wardancers which the crue killed and then ran into and dispatched a family of owlbears, the crue are now licking their wounds and are debating if they should continute searching for the lost miners as they know the underdark is huge. Later that day The Crue left the underdark and went to their compound to rest and contimplate their next move, on 5/12/1479 the Crue headed back to the underdark, but instead of Thelious they brought Raven Stormbringer with them.

5/13/1479 The Crue returned to the underdark and fought their way back in, fighting things like Ogre savages, ettins and minotaurs. as of 5/13/1479 the Crue are camping for the night in the underdark, Except for Raven Stormbringer, she did a linked portal ritual and went home and got married.

On the morning of 5/14/1479 the Crue started to move on again, their first encounter was with a group of Githyanki Knights. After a bit of parlay and diplomacy both groups went their own way without any bloodshed. As the Crue moved onward, they had a encounter with some Hook Horrors. It was a long and bloody fight but the Crue pulled it off. Just as they finished a short rest some Fire Giants came into the room specificly looking for the Crue and preceded to tell them to surrender so they could collect the bounty,(a bounty thats been around for almost 100 years) on the heads of the world famous Reckn Crue. The Crue made short work of the giants, and continued to move on. The Crue came into the underdark town of Lonnarclil, and begain to gather some information on the missing miners. The Crue found out that the 3 miners we’re in town a week earlier as slaves of some bugbears but we’re sold into slavery to a durager fungus farmer that was 6 days away north east of town. The Crue decided to stay in town for a few days and than move out towards the fungus farm.

5/17/1479 The Crue left town to search for the fungus farm and try to rescue the missing miners. Orcious Thunderblade left the Crue and was replaced by nostradamus, The first encounter the Crue ran into on this day was with some Chuul’s. The Crue easily killed the Chuul’s and found treasure in the river in the caveren where they fought.

The Brotherhood
The following takes place on 9/30/1479 dr on the island of Gamora in the city of Sodum which lies south east of Shou Chang. After finding out that the adventuer to the 3rd plane of Battor was a set up by emporer of Shou Chang, sirfksalot throws a party at his palace and invites all nobelity and most of the town. But as the party progresses a uninvited guest shows up who happens to be the godess Sune . and proposes the following. that if sirfksalot can form a group and go into what once was the desert of Anoruch to find some Zent ruins and recover the Chalice of Beauty that she would raise the Golden Kingdoms and restore it to its formal glory. the group that has been assembled is as follows sirfksalot, Vonndhar , Busta Noname, NiaMia, Slick Willie and Nanashi. stay tuned for more…..
  • 10/15/1479 The group decided to head out to go get the chalice of beauty for Sune, Nanashi was nowhere to be seen, After a meeting with the lordess of Shadowdale the group heads out north west of the Dalelands to meet up with the Mustafa bedoine tribe in whats left of the Anorouch desert.
  • 10/19/1479 Four days out the group has an encounter with a group of grey renders. dispatched them with ez and continued on.
  • 10/23/1479 Met up with the Mustafa tribe, And was taken to see their leader Sheik Adnon El Kasey Mustafa who welcomed them with open arms (once he found out none we’re Shar worshippers) and showed them a relic from the past that rained down from the sky almost 100 years ago. A wand of Garbon magic missles, Stayed the night in one of Shiek Mustafas tents.
  • 10/24/1479 One of the Shieks men led us to the opening to the ruins, A hole in the ground between two trees. Was a tight squeeze but made it in without any problems. Entrance was into a cavern system, Went westerly and had an encounter with Flairbears that went real bad. The Flairbears dominated Busta Noname and had him attack Slick Willie who in turn killed Busta and looted the orb from him and ran off. The rest of the group ran after Vonndhar got dominated next, But he tricked the Flairbears into believeing he was still dominated than ran for the entrance. Got to the entrance to find that Slick Willie had left the caverns, Followed him but couldnt catch up so the group decided to have Vonndhar run after him. Vonndhar caught up with Slick Willie and a fight begain. Slick Willie almost killed Vonndhar just as the rest of the group showed up, Niamia casted a fast heal on Vonndhar as Sir Fks Alot And Busta killed Slick Willie off. Niamia had Sune come down and take the orb to be destroyed, Needless to say Vonndhar was pissed at Sune because he claimed she knew all along that Slick Willie was gonna go off the deep end. Slick Willie in the meantime told Sune that she had never done a thing for him, Sune got a little mad and whispered into Slick Willies ear, Havent i ?? And when she pulled herself away revealed herself as a dark haired woman that Slick Willie had slept with at the party. Than Sune assumed her true form and vanished, Still no sign of Nanashi, The group figures they will rest overnight than head back towards the caverns to try again.
  • 10/25/1479 Woke in the morning to find Nanashi had track us for 8 days, So we sent Zinnapiha home on Sir F**ks Alots Obsidian Steed and Nanashi joined the group. Headed back to the hole into the caverns, Got in np and went to the east this time. In a cavern in the east had a encounter with 4 Shadow Hulks, Gave us a good fight but the brothers we’re victorious. Went into another cavern north of the one we fought in and found a hole in the cavern floor, Unfortunatly it was guared by 3 Death Giants, 4 Minotaur Maulers, 3 Cyclops Feyblades, 2 Death Giant Soul Catchers And i Death Giant Dread Gaurd. Was a real tough fight, Vonndhar almost died but Niamia kept him and the rest of the group alive somehow. After a long drawn out fight, The Brothers won. After taking a short rest we went and examined the hole in the floor. Dropped a sunrod down the hole, was at least 150 feet to the floor below, So we tied some ropes together and climbed down into another cavern that was huge. Inside this cavern we’re the ruins we’ve been looking for. Had a encounter before we could get to the main keep and explore much, Got jumped in the courtyard by 3 Nightwalker, 3 Betrayer Wight, 3 Sorrowsworn Fleshripper, 1 Betrayer Spirit Reaver. Was prob the toughest fight we faced so far, Again some of us almost died and would have if Niamia didnt keep us alive. After a ungodly long fight we defeated the monsters and found a place to rest for the night. Tomorrow we will head into the ruins to search for the chalice. May the gods be with us on this one….
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