str-17 con-19 dex-16 int-16 wis-23 cha-25


Deity-Sune Affillations-BrotherHood Paragon Path-Miracle Worker Epic Destiny-Demi-God

Initiative-15 Ac-33 Fort-25 Ref-24 Will-30

HP-151 Bloodied-75 Surge Value-37 Surges A Day-11

Attack Wis-23/20 Str-23/20 Damage Impl-11

Languages Known-Common,Sho-Chang,BrotherHood,Supernal,Abyassal,Primordial Magic Items +3Green Metal LongSword +4Green Metal Holy Symbol +4 Spural Plate Bracers of Respite(Heroic) Gloves Of The Healer(Epic) +6Neck Of FireBalls Ring Of Invis Pro Ring Cord Of Divine Favor

Feats…. 1.Weapon Pro-Longsword 2.Quick Draw 3.Combat Medic 4.Toughness 5.Implement Expertise 6.Healers Implement 7.Armor Pro-Scale 8.Armor Pro-Plate 9.Armor Specialization 10.Distant Advantage 11.Evasion 12.Linguist 13.Extented Healing 14.Supreme Healer


Coming into GoldenKingdoms in 1384 as a follower of Tyr She Met Vonndhar and Most BrotherHood members and a few others After getting her charisma boosted up from a 15 to a 18 witch cost vonndhar 15mill plat Vonndhar married her and they had 3 children about 8months old now 1 boy 1 girl looks like vonn other girl looks like her. After the world changed n tyr died She discided torm (who is now the god for tyr)was no use to her and started to follow sune Since then she has become the highest priestess in the sune clergy.

As of Now- Sune came to her at Sir F**ks Alots Party and told her congrats She is Prego with 2 girls 1 looks like her other looks like vonn she also told her to get vonndhar to follow her and she will raise goldenkingdoms vonndhar told her “you Gods have done nothing for me”


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