Kilrock The Invader

Dark Elf Fighter / Rogue


Kilrock The Invader was first seen in the Golden Kingdoms around 1384 Dr. He was the son of a noble house in the underdark city of Tounrikin which lied under the city of Mammoth Port ( and numerous ruins under Mammoth Port ) but was outcasted from his family and city when he disagreed about warring with the people of Mammoth Port. Kilrock fell in love with the human woman Billy Kidd in the spring of 1385 dr pre spellplague. After the spellplague hit and the Golden Kingdoms slid to Abier, Kilrock was captured by some of Busta Blaze’s forces and was being brought to Busta Blaze when king Vonndhar ( who was doing recon for Hidden Valley ) seen Kilrock being held by the ogre forces of Busta Blaze and rescued him. As of 1479 Kilrock has not been seen or heard from.


Kilrock The Invader

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