Generic Log

Ok here we go people, Im making this log as a generic log. So in otherwords, im gonna ad stuff here thats not specific and stuff that is. So ya might see the same post here as in the Crue log etc. Now what i need from all of you guys is some help with this log, edit and add what you see fit. Lets work together and make this not only a kick ass campaign, But a killer story that people will want to continue to read for years to come. Thanks for all that contribute to this log…Ty

1479 = Hoghead Albert gets caught by the emeperor of Shou’s son for spying for the Harpers of Gomorah, He is currently hanging over a bamboo plant in a unfortunate postition (use your imagination).

Bustas running around Sodom signing people up for a Smackdown event on 12/31/1479. He claims its for the vacant title and the prize will be gold and Busta buds.

In the fall of the 1479, the asians start to build a wall sectioning off part of Sodom and claiming it as asian only.



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